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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Shares

I've been sleeping like shit lately and totally needed a boring day to recuperate. Nothing exciting to report: I went to Saturday morning yoga x2 (feels so good to be back, I haven't been since Monday!), did some grocery shopping, ate all day, and got a little paperwork done for work. Normally I hate staying home with nothing to do on a Saturday, but I've been keeping pretty busy lately and have a lot on my mind, so googling new recipes with a Modern Family marathon is a-okay with me.

I wanted to use this post to share some interesting things that I've come across online this week:


This was a great article about a fitness experiment that lead to some unpleasant, unexpected results. I think this is hugely relevant to our society today. We are so obsessed with obtaining the "perfect body," but it really just isn't worth the price you pay. Orthorexia and exercise bulimia are definitely on the rise, especially amongst young American women, and the obsession never seems to end. 

Post-workout meals via

I really struggle to put together a meal that's nutritious and high in protein when I get home after a long day at work followed by a yoga class or two. Definitely need to keep these options in mind. It takes just as much time to pop a bag of popcorn and snack on random goodies from the fridge as it would for me to throw together a much healthier wrap. 

Quinoa and black bean dinner via

I'm trying to be more versatile in my sources of whole grains. Rice cakes, lavash wraps, and popcorn just aren't sufficient. I need to switch it up and eat actual meals rather than snacking all the time. This recipe sounds really easy and right up my alley. You bet your ass I'm making it extra spicy.

A guide to 10 different types of flour via

Super helpful with the holidays approaching and my intentions to experiment with some baked goods.

I am seriously in love with their clothes. I lustfully stare at everything I stumble upon through this site and struggle not to make an impulsive purchase. 

For example:
Cozy Time Cardigan - so cute, but not even available on the site anymore :(

Unfortunately, I'm someone who needs to try clothes on before buying because nothing seems to fit right. For now, Modcloth, our relationship remains detached.

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