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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All I want is a little respect and some sleep. Is that too much to ask?

Apparently so.

Tuesday was not a pleasant experience for me. Nothing majorly awful, but just constant annoyances that really gave me a huge headache and resulted in a sleepless night, along with terrible dreams. I woke up in a panic after dreaming that my mom died of a heart attack, and my dadwas stabbed in the stomach, who then turned into my youngest sister, all American Horror Story style. Looking back on the dream this morning, it was actually kind of funny in some ways considering how ridiculous it was, but my sense of humor doesn't register in at 3am. I will say that I liked my unintentionally revolutionary idea to have 911 call centers Facetime callers to visually assess the severity of emergency situations would probably benefit a lot of people...butttttt for this to work, everyone would need an iPhone. Nightmares are flawed.

Other annoyances of Tuesday include:
  • State budget cuts
  • Arriving to host trivia and having no one in the restaurant, then having the owners make me wait over an hour, only to yell at me to start asking random questions to no one. I'm sorry, but it is NOT my fault that you are not getting people into YOUR establishment on a Tuesday night. I do what I can to promote, but it is your business and your job to draw people in. Oh, and giving me a really hard time about paying me AGAIN is not cool. That is both my pay and the company's pay. I arrived, I set up, and I stayed late to host trivia at your request. How dare you try to tell me and the company your hired to leave empty-handed. It's just so unprofessional.
  • My highly unsatisfying dinner of a Recharge Peanut & Caramel 100 calorie bar and 1/2 bag of roasted chickpeas. While delicious as a small snack, it does not suffice for a meal. 

Snacks ≠ dinner. This made me cranky.

To avoid being completely negative, I did manage to successfully drive one of these bad boys around Cranston:
 Bubble-top transvan, baby! Riding in style!

Yeah, much different from my precious little Ford Fiesta. I was so uncomfortable operating that van. Talk about a major size difference.
Oh, Miguel Corona Ricardo Guacardo Avocardo, how I love you.
Wouldn't he be so cute with a mustache? I need to find one of those magnetic ones for the front bumper. Any advice on where to get one would be much appreciated :)

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