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Monday, November 4, 2013

Even the Real Housewives of RI love the Great Gatsby

Last night I had the "privilege" of DJing the most opulent 16th birthday party I've ever attended.

Bear in mind that the classiest 16th birthday party I went to was held at a banquet hall in Pawtucket with a faux-French name (LeFoyer), acting under the ruse of being any better than a 9th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. It was the lack of greasy pizza and rats that really gave it that air of glitz and glam.

Back to aforementioned 16th birthday party:

The theme was The Great Gatsby. Obviously, a lover of good literature, and of the recent film release  -I'm a sucker for Leo and Baz Luhrmann style as a director - I took full advantage of the opportunity to dress up and enjoy my evening as best as I could while swallowing my jealousy.
Pardon the Instagrammed photo, but peep that $17 steal of a dress from Francesca's. WIN.
The party was held at Alpine Country Club in Cranston, RI. Absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention the beautiful lighting, the self-serve candy "bar"/favor table, the gold and silver-plated cake complete with a bejeweled flapper headband and frosting pearls, and the ice cream sundae station. I so wish I could have gotten pictures. Or have been 16 and friends with this girl.

But this is my life, so expect the unexpected. Surprise, the mom of the birthday girl has just finished filming a show for Bravo airing this winter called Game of Crowns. Think Real Housewives of RI / New England. So that explains the partying with tiny glasses of limoncello, her ability to dance and run in 6+ inch heels, and her willingness to throw such an over-the-top party, on a Sunday night nonetheless, for her daughter. She's going to refer her friends to the company, too, and claims they'll be hosting lots of parties that require a DJ. Perhaps we'll meet again before the big TV premiere. Another reality TV show added to my late-night to-watch list.

Today was much more low-key. The highlight of my workday was my pre-yoga snack of a sweet potato topped with Artisana raw Macadamia nut & Cashew butter, eaten at my desk. I've been really hesitant to try the combination of sweet potato and nut butter, but I actually really enjoyed this. 

Ugly, but tasty. Don't hate.

Ended my Monday on a marvelous note with Vinyasa II and hot yoga, followed by Once Upon a Time and The Good Wife. The DVR is a wonderful invention.

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I'm a long-time follower of Katie's blog and I'm so glad to have a reason to participate in her MIMM link-up!

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