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Monday, November 11, 2013

MIMM: A Long Weekend Well-Spent

Happy Monday! And a very happy short work week! Needless to say, this Monday is extra marvelous: I'm embracing the opportunity to sit around in my pajamas, sip coffee, and watch an America's Next Top Model marathon on Oxygen just because I can. Since weekend mornings typically have me (gladly) rushing off to yoga right after I get out of bed, this morning laziness is a rarity.

Just a few marvelous weekend highlights:

Saturday night I spent a lazy night in to free up some space on my DVR. Nothing exciting there, other than staring into Jonny Lee Miller's gorgeous eyes throughout last week's episode of Elementary.

Usually on the weekends I make a crockpot meal, but it just didn't happen this week. I gladly enjoyed a roasted acorn squash as part of my Saturday dinner. Hooray for winter squash being on sale for $0.89/lb at Stop and Shop the past few weeks!
Olive oil, sea salt, cracked black pepper, roasted at 450F until desired crispiness.
Always enjoyed with the skin intact, my favorite part!
Sunday was unusually busy this week. I started my day off with two hours of yoga, then headed home to grab a quick meal before heading to a Providence Bruins game with my mom, Kris, and her friend, who was so nice to get us free tickets!
Didn't mean to catch Kris with her eyes closed. Oops!
Providence Bruins definitely like to put on a show. There was a fight within the first 3 minutes of the game ending in blood shed.
Not sure what caused a fight this early, but it was entertaining. 
In the 3rd period, every player on the ice was involved in an all-out gloves-off brawl. It was nuts. Bruins ended up dominating the game, shutting out the Hartford Wolf Pack 6-0. 

After the game, I rushed home to eat a quick dinner, then headed to Hose Company for trivia. It's much harder to play than it is to host, that's for sure! We ended in last place, but had fun nonetheless. 

I came home to end the night with Once Upon a Time. How sexy is Captain Hook?
Marry me, please.

Not sure what lies ahead for today, other than vinyasa yoga and hot yoga from 6-8pm. I expect today will be marvelously relaxing :)

On a not-so-marvelous note, Tuesday's weather forecast is bleak:
I'm not ready for snow and cold :(
The bane of my New England-based existence.

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