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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rocking my Hot Booties

Thursday night and I'm sitting on my couch in my pajamas by 8pm, drinking tea and eating popcorn, and wearing my Hot Booties.
Best Yankee Swap win of 2012
Pop those bad boys in the microwave for a minute and, boom, instant warmth. They also have the added benefit of lavender scent and imposing awkward clown shoe mobility.

Lame? Maybe. But I definitely needed it. It's exhausting to sit and chatter my teeth all day at work.

I can't say my job is all bad, though. I adore some of the people I work with.

Yesterday was the agency Christmas pot luck/gift swap, which involved lots of baked goods and bad pizza. At least I wasn't sitting in the conference room in the dark for 90 minutes watching a webinar with cold air blasting on me from the AC like I was today. Sorry, I'm easily distracted by traumatic memories of arctic temperatures.

Back to the point of this tiny tangent. I walked away from the gift swap with a gold Michael Kors wallet, which I totally wasn't into at first. But the more I look at it, the more I like it. My coworker gave a winery tour and tasting for two at Shelalara Vineyards in Coventry, which the new administrative assistant won. I've been on the tour before and really enjoyed it. The wines were really different (flavors like blueberry merlot, strawberry reisling, and watermelon merlot), and some were made to freeze to wine slushies. I told her about the wine tasting and she seemed really into it. When I got into the office today, though, she came by my cubicle with the gift and insisted I take it. I ain't mad.

Anyone interested in joining me for a wine tasting?

P.S. - I apologize for jumping all over the place. I'm too lazy to edit my train of thought.

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