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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kicking off the Christmas season

I won't lie, I prefer when Thanksgiving comes late. I can only tolerate so much of the advertisements, decorations, and non-stop Christmas music on the radio. I feel that the Christmas season begins the day after Thanksgiving, and since I've got less than a month to get into the holiday spirit, I can actually enjoy it this year.

Yesterday, my mom, sister, her boyfriend, and I hopped on the train to Boston. I spent the hour trip coaching my mom through level 147 on Candy Crush, which she's been stuck on for months. I wasn't successful. Fast forward to this morning, she'd beaten the level. Obviously, I deserve some credit for showing her what moves to look for and pair up yesterday. ;)
My mom and I on the train to Boston after she ran out of lives on Candy Crush and could be bothered to socialize.
Roasted beets, asparagus, edamame heaven
Avoiding Black Friday traffic without being housebound was nice. We shopped around Newbury and Boylston St, hitting up my favorite Marshall's store, and ending the day at the Prudential Center. We also enjoyed a late lunch at Cheesecake Factory in the Pru. We were all ravenous by the time we were seated...I should have eaten more than a grapefruit at 11:30am. Oh well. The result was me ordering and inhaling two shrimp spring rolls, basically before they touched the table. So good. I also ordered a chopped vegetable salad as an entree with Sesame-soy dressing.

We (barely) caught the 5:05pm train home, and began decorating the house for Christmas. I also baked some red velvet cookies with a cream cheese icing. Pictures and super-easy recipe will be supplied in a later post; I never bake these just once around the holidays. 

My favorite part about breaking out the Christmas decorations is a long-standing joke with my family:

A Very Perry with the Wine They Call Sherry Christmas (link to the entire CD on Grooveshark). This beauty randomly came in the mail addressed to my dad one year, and it has the best worst versions of all the yuletide classics. He recognized the guy on the cover as an employee that served him clam chowder on the Pine Lakes golf course during a golf trip with some friends. Oddly enough, my dad never gave his address, nor used his card to purchase anything, yet he was the only person to get the CD. I call that a divine intervention.

Once the tree was up and the lights were lit, we sat down to watch Elf together. Perfect end to a near-perfect day.
So bring on the Christmas craziness. I'm ready to embrace long as I'm not forced to listen to "Wonderful Christmastime" by Paul McCartney. 

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