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Monday, December 2, 2013

MIMM: Weekend Wrap-Up

My Monday might not be especially marvelous (with the exception of back-to-back vinyasa and hot yoga after work, that is), but my weekend sure was, so let's focus on that, shall we?

I spotted these two gems at BJs on Saturday. The wisdom penned in these two books is, I imagine, insurmountable.
Duck Dynasty cracks me up. And I am a die-hard Anchorman fan. I was anti-Anchorman 2 at first, but the promos and  previews sucked me and I'm anxiously awaiting its release date.

Saturday night was the annual Stoop Christmas party, which my ex-neighbor and dad's best friend decided to take on this year. Everyone brought a dish and a $15 gift for the best version of Yankee Swap in existence. Having multiple opportunities to steal gifts from people and cause arguments is always a great time. 
My contribution to the swap: The Winter Warmer Pack. Warming chamomile tea, fuzzy socks, and nips.

I started the game with this heinous clock and figured I was destined to end up with it. I always seem to go home with the crappiest gift. To my surprise, after three decks of cards and some vicious steals, I 
scored some lottery tickets. Bonus! I won $35. Not the Hot $1,000,000 advertised, but I'll gladly take it.

Sunday was a super lazy day. I stayed at home in sweats, did paperwork, and made a clean-out-the-pantry type soup. I used this recipe from Spatulas on Parade, with a little tweaking. I omitted the taco seasoning and used Weber's Kickin' Chicken seasoning in place of the chipotle rub, and amped up the spice with chili powder and medium instead of mild enchilada sauce. Pretty delicious. I was lazy and didn't take pictures, sorry.

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