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Thursday, December 5, 2013

I struggle to come up with blog post titles.

I had every intention of blogging today, but things got a little crazy. I worked from 9am until almost 7pm and was nonstop busy all day between meetings, trying to figure out healthcare plans, and a Christmas caroling event. Why is it that the "fun" things are always the biggest headaches? Although I should note that I've had a lingering headache since my unfortunate yoga fusion accident on Tuesday.

My day off on Wednesday was spent Christmas shopping with my friends. Since my family is so particular and difficult to buy for, I left every store I entered empty handed with the exception of Target, where I scored this awesome Hello Kitty tee for $3.50. How could I justify not buying it?!

I came home to two packages: my Vitacost order (filled with amazing goodies for me and some Christmas gifts, hence why I didn't disclose it's contents) and...

My iPad mini arrived five days early! Woo hoo! With my mantra, "all you need is love," engraved on the back.

I spent my night toying around with it and syncing it to my other Apple devices. So excited!

I have to let it be known that Vitacost is an amazing company that is all about customer satisfaction. I had an issue with my order and the customer service rep was so patient and helpful. The company even emailed me afterwards to follow up and apologize for the issues I was having, despite it not being their fault at all. I can't say enough positive things about this company. I highly recommend ordering through their site.

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