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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MIMM: Looking forward to the week ahead

I don't know if it's the time of year, but I've been so busy lately. I've had to cancel plans with certain people several times because I've essentially double-booked myself. It's a welcome change for the winter since I typically hibernate at home due to my hatred/intolerance for the cold. Can you believe I'll be out almost every night this week with several inches of snow and ice on the ground from Saturday and this forecast?
Yeah, me either. Fingers crossed for no snow on Tuesday.

Tonight I'm attending a holiday party for wedding companies at the Providence Biltmore in lieu of my normal Monday routine of vinyasa and hot yoga. Free food and an excuse to dress fancy? Hell yeah. Funny how I get invited to this when I've literally assisted in DJing one wedding. My friend and I have plans to hit up Trinity Brewhouse for wings afterwards, too. Should be a fun night!

I have Tuesday off work (so I hope) and plan to squeeze in lots of yoga to make up for my lack of regular class attendance. I also find myself craving sushi something awful and am considering taking advantage of a sushi lunch special somewhere after AM yoga classes. It has been far too long since sashimi and seaweed salad have been on my agenda, or my plate.

I was scheduled to cover trivia on Wednesday night, but my godfather AKA my favorite man in my life/father figure invited me to Transiberian Orchestra. With one Providence performance each year, the stories I've heard about the show, and the opportunity to hang with Uncle Mark, I couldn't turn down the offer . Thank god my boss was understanding and found coverage.

Back to work Thursday with post-work plans for an unofficial office Christmas party at the Thirsty Beaver. Who knows what Friday holds.

Linking up to Katie's Marvelous in my Monday as per usual. I'm having trouble posting links and pictures on my iPad since I'm still learning, so bear with me! Also, this post is going up late. Oops!

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