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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Three Things Tuesday

Just popping in to share a few links that can give you a sneak peek into my inner thoughts since my Tuesdays are non-stop busy between dragging my feet to get ready for work, actually going to work, and then heading to host trivia immediately from work.

Onto some linkage!

This Huffington Post article on 5 Things Every Yogi Needs to Know is so significant to my life as of late, and totally validates my addiction...but that's just my opinion. I'm not exactly sure which is influencing which, but I've noticed a huge difference both on and off the mat in the past few months. As I'm working on being more flexible in my everyday life by letting go of stupid "eating rules"and forcing myself to be more social, I'm seeing an increase in my physical flexibility in my yoga practice. I have to say, it feels pretty amazing.

I love partner yoga. And how cute/creative is Paula? Best instructor ever!
Check out Shanti Yoga & Fitness!

Can you believe Christmas is less than a month away? IT hasn't felt the same since my Dad passed away. He LOVED Christmas, like a little kid who still believes in Santa. It just doesn't seem as special without him here. The last three years, I've wanted nothing for gifts, but this year I actually really want to buy myself an iPad mini.

All I want for Christmas...ipad mini with a keyboard attachment.
An iPad mini would make my life so much easier. I wouldn't have to retype all those notes and waste paper on printouts for reference. Plus, I could totally browse instagram when meetings are a snoozefest.

My mom suggested buying it for me, but I really can't let her. I'd rather see her put that money toward my sisters. I'll let her buy me a case or something.

And to further justify my long-standing disdain for The Little Mermaid, a hilariously accurate Buzzfeed article ranking Disney Princesses on their intelligence. Or lack thereof.

Yes, I may be bitter and blame The Little Mermaid for my Bloody Monday incident at age 4, but that's neither here nor there. She is the reason so many girls are relationship-dependent skanks today (Sorry, not sorry). Think about it: all she aspired to be was a voiceless, naked woman to impress some dude she didn't even know. I love how this list points out that she never thought to WRITE A NOTE to Eric. DUH. 

P.S. - the rest of the list is just as amusing and spot-on. I love Buzzfeed.
Until next time.

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