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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sometimes I intend to blog, but then I get on Buzzfeed...

Typical. Damn you, Buzzfeed, for your vortex of useless and amusing picture-heavy articles. You make it so easy to continue clicking down the rabbit hole. This would be a problem if I haven't been so real-life productive. No shame.

My personal favorite read from my Buzzfeed binge has to be "15 Underused Words To Add To Your Vocabulary." I blame the nerdy English-major side of me. Am I setting a goal to use these words in actual conversation? You know it.
I always struggled to describe that smell. Nevermore. Thanks, Buzzfeed!
With any luck, I'll return tomorrow for some Marvelous in my Monday action. I can't make any promises, though, since my day is poised to be jam-packed.

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