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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spill It Sundays: TV Shows

Once again, I've been a terrible, no good, inconsistent blogger. Forgive me. I've decided to Link up to Arman's Spill It Sunday! This week's theme: TV shows.

What was your favourite TV series growing up?
When I was a wee one...

Sesame Street, obviously. There are old videos of me reading magazines and poorly singing the theme song while I watched the TV shows before age 2. I was such a nerd.
When I was a kid...

My dad and I would have "Kablam parties" every Friday night when I was a kid. We would go to the store and pick up a bunch of snacks, usually Cool Ranch Doritos and crunchy Cheez Doodles (not Cheetos!), and just hang out watching this weird Nickelodeon series. I was also really into Spongebob. I blame my dad for that one, too.
When I was in college...
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My freshman roommate and I were obsessed with Brett Michael's Rock of Love on Vh1. No, it wasn't even a good reality TV show, but we loved laughing at Brett's sad attempts to bed these women and maintain his image despite the obvious fake hair. What is romantic about telling someone you want them to administer your insulin? Nothing. At least not in my eyes.
What is your current favourite TV series?
I really love a lot of TV shows for different reasons. I've mentioned before here that I am hopelessly in love with Gunnar on Nashville and Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time. Their attractiveness is more appealing to me than the actual content of the shows, to be honest.
I find myself talking about Duck Dynasty far too often and realize that I definitely watch it too much. Whenever I scroll through the TV guide and see Duck Dynasty is on A&E, I turn it on immediately. I have a little crush on Jase and I find Si and Willie to be hilarious. It doesn't help that the rest of my family has the same problem. 

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As for new TV series that I'm loving, I have to say Brooklyn Nine Nine is my number one. It needed to be said somewhere in this post. Does anyone else find Andy Samberg to be kind of sexy?
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If you could guest star in ANY TV show, which would it be?
I would have to say New GirlNew Girl is basically the ideal primetime TV show for my sense of humor. I really love awkward, uncomfortable comedy in a TV series, but it's usually found in more obscure shows like Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (an Adult Swim classic)...
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And Portlandia. The bookshop skits are gold.
Photo credit: So many bookstore GIFs!
Back to New Girl... I really just want to hang out with Schmidt and Winston. I would totally be BFFs with them in real life. Maybe I should just be Jess. I'm awkward enough. 
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What genre of  television do you enjoy the most? (Reality, Action, Drama, Comedy)
Definitely comedy. I prefer comedy in any form of media, really. At the end of the day, I want to laugh. 
Yes, I marathon Duck Dynasty, Top Chef, and a slew of other reality TV shows if it happens to be on, but comedy most captures my attention.
Which TV series do you think should NOT have been renewed after it’s first season yet had?
Oh, I could go on forever about TV shows that shouldn't have been renewed. If we're talking reality TV shows, definitely any series that chronicles the lives of the Kardashians. I'm sorry (not really), but they just do not deserve their fame, nor do I want to watch them drone on with their flat affect and overly done up appearances about whatever drama they've been able to muster up this week. Yet I will still watch it if my sister turns it on...I never claimed to be perfect.
Which TV series do you think deserved to be renewed yet was not? 
Ben & Kate! I wanted to cry when that show was cancelled! It was so funny, and made Tuesday nights the best comedy night on TV. I don't even understand how it was cancelled in the middle of its first season. RIP.

Thanks, Arman, for the fun blog post idea :)

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  1. Yes! Seriously, Kardashians are KRAP. KRAPPPP. Axe them. Unfortunately, based on recent news and figures, they are pretty much E!'s goldmine and won't be going anywhere anytime soon!

    Duck Dynasty is being promoted here a fair bit- worth getting into? ;)

    1. I'm glad someone agrees with me on the Kardashian obsession.

      I was once a Duck Dynasty skeptic, and I finally checked it out a few months ago. I found myself not really getting it the first couple of episodes I saw, but now I'm hooked. Everyone on that show is just hysterical. It would be like watching the Kardashians, but throw them in redneck attire and give them personalities. It's great, I definitely recommend you check it out!

  2. Duck Dynasty is wonderful. I find it both to be a blessing and a curse that I don't have access to a TV. I would probably watch it non stop.

    I've never seen Brooklyn Nine Nine but I know where your comment about Andy Samberg is coming from :) I'll have to see if I can find some episodes online.

    Gunnar from Nashville... Yes! Although I hope that he and Scarlet end up together eventually. And Juliette is just fantastic.

    1. I highly recommend Brooklyn Nine Nine. I think it's on Hulu.

      I'd rather Gunnar be mine haha. I just get kind of annoyed by Scarlett, her character is so overdramatic and creates so many problems for herself. And I have a whole new perspective on Hayden Panetteire since that show aired.