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Monday, January 27, 2014

MIMM: Too much marvelous for one post

Life is funny in the way that it ebbs and flows. Bad things and good things alike seem to come in waves, and right now it's high tide happiness. It's been a long time coming, and I'm planning on embracing it while it's here. I won't even get into the details because everything is so feelings-based, for lack of a better description.

Marvelous is...

Finding a new and unique hidden gem. Justine's in Providence. The location is kind of hush-hush with a lingerie shop display in a sketchy neighborhood, but once you get past the curtain, it's a gorgeous intimate bar setting with amazing $5 cocktails and a great bar staff. Check out the awesome menu:
I ordered a manhattan (my recent drink of choice), but sampled my friend's Brandy Alexander, Ward 8, and Charlie Chaplin. I was happiest with my choice, but the Brandy Alexander was incredible...just too rich to drink the whole thing. And in classic fashion, I started up awkward interactions with a slew of people at the bar. I do it because I can. It makes for some interesting memories. 

Marvelous is...

Returning to yoga after almost an entire week's (unintentional) hiatus and unrolling my brand new Jade yoga mat!
Extra long teal Harmony mat ♥  

Marvelous is...

Finally achieving a yoga pose I've been working on for months. I don't know if my body just needed a rest to reset, or if it was all the positive energy emanating from my beautiful new mat. Whatever it was, I'm so excited to have finally held one-legged crow! And I know it wasn't a fluke because I've done it about five times since then. Brief holds, mind you, but holds nonetheless.

Thanks, Katie, for hosting another Marvelous in my Monday!


  1. I love fancy cocktails, and I've heard great things about that yoga mat!

    1. I've been using Jade yoga mats for a while, but finally purchased my own. It's well worth the price. They last forever, don't slip, and $5 is donated to ovarian cancer research when you purchase a teal-colored mat.

      Fancy cocktails are my jam. My theory when I go out for drinks is that I should order something I can't make at home. It forces me to try something different...I have to say I'm rarely disappointed.